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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kolombi Bakar a.k.a (grilled snail)???)

another suspicious  yet delicious delicacy from North Sulawesi....;)
only 2 words that comes from my mouth when tasting this "kolombi bakar".....HOT!! & ADDICTIVE..

for some people it might be suspicious to eat it since it was made from a snail..but dont worry, the snails used here is only snails found in the rice paddies and not from a dirty drainage ditches...and since there's so many people enjoyed this delicacy everyday and still alive 'till today so I'm sure its a "safe" one...hehehe

the pictures below and above was taken from one of many small food stalls in the city side of Tondano, North Sulawesi...these food stalls itself not only offering their guest this "Kolombi bakar" but also there's some fresh water fish in their they'd cooked its under request, whether it' goin to be grilled, deep fried or rubbed with "manadonese sambals" when served its the guests own choices...some other thing thats make this place special is the view of "rice paddies"..these food stalls are placed right beside the rice we can having a great food with a great view...just like eating in paradise minus the angels as the waitress...hehehe

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